Latest Email Scam – Trying another Tack

I have just started receiving a new wave of scam emails, these look like phishing ones (where the perpetrators try to mimic a reputable website, to encourage the public to enter personal details etc ), but the twist is that they are now changing from fear related (ie for your security, or there was a problem style) to reward related.

Here is the email I just got, I have removed the link, but left the link text:

Subject: Complete our quiz for a chance at 500$

Complete our quiz for a chance at 500$

We will randomly draw 50 winners from those that respond with all correct responses and deposit $500 in the customer\'s account.
You may only enter once and must be a member to enter. 

Please follow the link below to proceed: 

<a class=\"moz-txt-link-freetext\"></a>

Winners will be notified by phone and/or mail. 

You must complete this quiz within 24 hours to win. 

Commonwealth Bank

Notice that the domain of the email
, and the domain name of the link
are different

These are all attempts to trick people into clicking the link and handing over their details.

Once again, any emails coming from your, or another bank or financial institution like Paypal should be treated with caution. As a rule, do not follow any links in these kinds of emails. Go to your Bookmarks, or search in Google for the text of the email to see if you can find any mention of scam related issues.

Let me know if you have seen something similar, or other tactics these people are trying to use to trick us.