So what is Bing all about? – Part 1

Well Bing is here.

What is Bing? Well it is the new Microsoft search engine. Technically replacing Live as their search engine.

There have been plenty of blogs and articles today about the premature launch (it was supposed to launch on the 3rd of June), but came out a little early.

To the point where Googles Matt Cutts has been taking aim at some of the results from Bing against Googles results for the same query.

The comments vary and peoples experience so far has been unhelpful in deciding whether this is a serious competitor to Googles search dominance.

It is new, but you would expect them to get it pretty right from the first release.

How will this affect NZ? Not sure at this stage, I am going to do some of my own research and present this in a few days.

Check back.