Real Time Search with Collecta

With the launch of Bing and some of the responses by Google, Collecta is a new small player, that could actually be a forerunner for Real Time Search.

Using Google, Yahoo or Bing, finding social content has been difficult. Twitter, Facebook and other social sites have not been well indexed.

People often use Twitter for their real-time search, but it only searches Twitter, Collecta seems to get its data from many sources including :

  • Blog posts
  • Comments of Blog posts
  • Updates from Twitter, Jaiku, Identica
  • Photos from Flickr

Doing a search for \”deepweb\” (I had to do some market intelligence ) gives up my most recent Twitter updates, which are also some of my latest blog posts, via Twitterfeed, plus an item from Reddit

The major search engines havent really tapped into this area of search yet, it will be interesting to see if Collecta can make some decent inroads before the big boys catch up.

It looks to be a great to for market intelligence so you can see where you, as well as your competitors show up in the social networks.

I have heard of some downtime and teething issues with Collecta, however in my few searches, it has worked fine for me.