The Phishers / Virus Makers have Hooked Amazon now

Phishing is all about getting people hooked, line a sinker, this time Amazon is the recipient of the Phishers focus.

It seems to be the usual DHL / UPS style scam, where a zip archive is attached to an email that carries the nasty payload.

Asking you to print the attached postal label to get your package.

As usual, delete these emails as they are nothing but a cover for a dangerous virus or scam.

Here is the transcript of the email


Thank you for shopping at
We have successfully received your payment.

Your order has been shipped to your billing address.

You have ordered \” Asus Eee PC T91Go \”

You can find your tracking number in attached to the e-mailĀ  document.

Print the postal label to get your package.

We hope you enjoy your order!
Attachment is called

It is interesting to see these people targeting suppliers / vendors that have wide audiences. Removing any refernce to DHL or UPS as this is starting to get a little old.

I wonder how long it will take for the Anti virus brigade to recognise this new variant.