Access Denied Error in Dropbox

\"\"We use Dropbox as a backup solution enabling a sync of our data into the cloud.

One of the limitations of Dropbox is it is all under a single folder, which is all fine if you start from that, but in our situation we had legacy locations for data on our PC.

\"\"So along comes Boxifier, a neat application that allows you to choose as many folder around your PC to be added to the Dropbox folder.

It\’s a simple solution that just seems to work.

But then it didn\’t.

We had a drive crash on the drive that had these folders that Boxifier was enabling for Dropbox.

I wanted to change the location of my Dropbox folder to a new drive and re-sync the data, unfortunately it came up with Access denied. After a bit of mucking around, I realised that there is a setting in Boxifier that prevents Dropbox from editing those folders you have enabled in Boxifier.

Given my situation, I removed that restriction and Dropbox started syncing again.

This also prevented me from moving my Dropbox folder from it\’s default location to my new drive.

So hopefully if anyone else has the same set of variables, there is a solution.