A Different Way To Build Websites

Technical stuff that is only technical because I like doing the creative arty stuff for our Word Press website builds:

We have just finished Phase 1 of a website using Elementor as the page Builder inside a template called Phlox. It took me a good 10 days to get my head around all the functionality available and even more time to learn how to use it! However having worked out most of the Blocks that I needed I am now keen to build more websites using this massive system. It has Blocks for almost anything you can imagine and a few more things I didn\’t know I could do! There are so many layers that can be added to an image that you can quickly become lost trying to revisit what you have created. However, I started off unable to make anything work, I even broke the template and had to start again to now, loving how much I can do with this combination of template and builder that I even think I can now fix the first template that I broke! It is not a cheap option, with a starting package near the top of our range but it has created a sleek, almost magical website that I can\’t wait to show everyone!!!

Walker & Co Real Estate – Check it out!!!