Another Spam Email Example

Email scams are all around us, I thought I would publish some in a series to give examples of the current crop of scams. These are real emails I have received so you can see the style and tone of the emails with some commentary from me.

Our first one is a phishing scam trying to get email login details so they can then use your account to either access and control your account, or to use the email address to send out spam. Most use fear as their overriding emotion, putting errors and the threat of account deletion as a way of compelling people to click their links


The Email:


Some Incoming Messages were Undelivered to Inbox

You have some important email messages that were undelivered to your inbox since 10th  May. 2021.

This is due to a IMAP and POP settings error on your e-mail, incoming messages were delayed.

Log on to Portal to recover your delay messages.

[ Proceed Here to Fix Errors ]

Find some of the errors being detected by the mail server for listed below:

  • Underlivered to inbox
  • Undelivered to inbox
  • Underlivered to inbox
  • Pending delivery

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The Analysis:

The scammer uses a mix of valid links pointing to both the targets domain name (footer links plus portal link) and a single link (the Proceed Here to Fix Errors] to the scammer login page where they would scrape the entered login details

They even use a fake footer to refer to Avast antivirus to give the impression that the email has been scanned and verified as safe to open and click links.

With all of these kind of emails be very wary of anything threatening to shut down services or disable access. If you are unsure contact the provider directly to verify the information.